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We offer one of the best music distribution deals around with strategic marketing and PR.

CEO Joy Caza Powell has worked with a host of star names in Reggae and Soul music including Junior, Omar and Don-E. She promotes music to radio and television with strong BBC and ITV relations. 


Sonia Damney is a celebrity concert and club night promoter who has booked concerts for Shalamar, Omar and many others at various O2 venues. She is the organiser of club nights 'The Get Down', 'Get On Up' and the 'Official Soul Train Club'.


Jessie Tsang is a marketing & PR specialist with 20 mainstream and soul chart hits under her belt. She has worked with Michael Jackson, Glen Goldsmith, Carrie Lucas, Shalamar, Junior, Luciano, Musical Youth, The British Collective (Junior, Omar, Don-E, Noel McKoy), Freddie Lee, Clifton End, Jeremy Wallace and PSW, She is also a registered paralegal who specialises in IP law. 


We are Renegade Soul Records and we are in the business of music. We love Soul, R&B, Reggae, Gospel and Soulful House.  If you have what we are looking for contact us by e-mail.

Renegade Soul Logo Tinted and Edited.jpg